New York Tours should be larger than life and pulsing with creative energy, just like the city itself. Led by celebrity emcees, graffiti artists, DJs, and B-boys each of our bus and walking tours explore the evolution of hip hop in neighborhoods like Harlem, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. You’ll see iconic landmarks like the Apollo and the Graffiti Wall of Fame, as well as secret hip hop battle grounds, historic night clubs, famous music video and movie locations. From murals and graffiti art to rhymes and dance-offs, our tours offer guests a rare, interactive, off-the-wall look into New York’s hip hop culture. More than just a tour– one official experience.

Original Hip Hop Tours

  • Ride through Harlem and the Boogie Down Bronx on our Birthplace of Hip Hop Tour of classic battle sites, historic clubs and famous music video locations.
  • Bounce through Brooklyn on an in-depth tour that features live entertainment, narrated history, insider anecdotes and celebrity tour guides and find out “Where Brooklyn At?!”
  • Explore the historic hip hop landmarks while you Walk This Way Through Harlem on a tour led by legendary emcees and New York icons.
  • Impress your friends with new moves you learn on the two in one Dancers’ Delight tour which doubles as an outdoor dance lesson in the streets of New York that inspired many of the moves.
  • Check out The Writing’s on the Wall with a professional artist who can provide an inside look into the underground art of graffiti which has made its indelible mark on the urban landscape of New York City.
  • Book a VIP or Group Tour Package with one of our expert trip planners who are dedicated to customizing a package to suit your needs.


Real Hip Hop. Real New York.

Since 2002, Hush Tours has been the first and only Hip Hop tour. Owned and operated by native New Yorkers and guided by legendary hip hop artists, Hush Tours takes you on an unforgettable journey through the history and evolution of hip hop culture. You can expect to meet, greet, and be guided by hip hop legends, including Grandmaster Caz, Ralph McDaniels, Kurtis Blow, Raheim, Johnny Famous, Lady K Fever, Reggie Reg, and other hip hop contributors. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time in New York City or you’ve been a resident for your entire life. You’ve never seen New York until you’ve seen it with Hush Tours. Call us today at 212-714-3544 and see the real history of the industry and culture that changed the world forever.



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The flagship and staple experience of the Hush Tours brand, The Birthplace of Hip hop Tour, has been highly acclaimed through both domestic and international media as being an “absolute must-see”.
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Don't have four hours to spare? Join us on a two hour guided, narrated adventure through world renowned Harlem hot spots including the internationally recognized Apollo Theater!
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The Dancers Delight tour is the perfect experience for casual, aspiring, and expert dancers from all walks of life! This interactive tour is ideal for those looking to explore New York City from the performer’s perspective.
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  • Dollars Don’t Always Make Sense: The True School vs. Old School vs. New School Conflict

    Dollars Don’t Always Make Sense: The True School vs. Old School vs. New School Conflict

    Anyone who wants to have a voice in this sea of online thoughts can have one, these days. Whether they’re actually heard or not is an exercise similar to a tree falling in the forest. If there is someone around to hear (read) this, I hope you hear what I'm saying and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. Hush Tours has decided to create an experiment and explore how deep this cultural domination thing goes by starting up a blog, so I guess we’ll find out. We’re giving a voice to ones that are often silenced or… Read More »
  • The Birthplace of Hip-Hop: An interview with Grandmaster Caz

    The Birthplace of Hip-Hop: An interview with Grandmaster Caz

    Forty years ago, kids in the Bronx, New York began a movement to make their voices known; they wanted something for themselves. From rocking block parties to dance battles, they decided to take what they knew, along with enough creativity to fill Empire State, to create their own style. They never knew it would spread like a wildfire and, eventually, changing music forever. To celebrate our 12th anniversary, we sat down with the people who experienced this movement and made Hush Tours what it is today --- starting with the one and only, Grandmaster Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers.… Read More »



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Hush Tours, a New York City and State Certified Women/Minority Business Enterprise, is owned and operated by New York City Licensed Sightseeing Tour Guide and is an active member of NYC & Company.

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